1. Title and event

The event will be known as OpenRoads Rally Desert Edition 2023 and will be conducted in Dimboola and the surrounding parks and forestry in the state of Victoria on Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 of October 2023. The event will be round 2 of 3 of the 2023 OpenRoads Rally circuit.

2. Authority and permit

The event will be held under these Supplementary Regulations, OpenRoads Rally Terms & Conditions, and any Further Regulations, Instructions or Bulletins which may be issued by the Organiser or the Stewards.

Public liability insurance for this event is provided by Motorcycling Australia


Suzuki Australia, Aurora Rally Equipment, Stay Upright and SecMedic.


The event will be promoted by OpenRoads Group PTY LTD ABN 32660507951, which has appointed the Organising Committee listed below. The official event address, to which all correspondence must be sent, will be info@openroadsrally.com


Organising Committee 

Jessica Zahra 

Luke Watene


Official Contact details:

OpenRoads Rally

32 Rennison Street Parkdale 3195




5. Entry Details

Tickets open on 31st May 2023 and close at 5pm on Thursday 5th October 2023.


The fee for the first 50 tickets received (Keen Bean) will be $349 per rider

The fee for the second 50 tickets received (Explosive Start) will be $375 per rider

The fee for the third 50 tickets received (Slow Off The Mark) will be $395 per rider


No tickets will be sold after 5pm (AESTD), Thursday 5th October 2023.

All accommodation at Riverside Holiday Park is available to book until September 14th 2023. 

All spectators and children who have not yet turned five years old will be admitted into the event at no cost and without a ticket.

Entry Limit

Entries into OpenRoads Rally Desert Edition 2023 are limited to 150 and acceptance will be determined in order of receipt. Tickets are sold exclusively online at www.tickets.openroadsrally.com


Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the relevant payment. 

Each participant must complete the registration forms online prior to the event. Failure to register may result in refused entry to activities and no refund or exchange will be issued.  

Our refund policy can be viewed at https://tickets.openroadsrally.com/terms-and-conditions/

OpenRoads Rally reserves the right to cancel the event if less than 70 entries are received by close of entries and to refuse an entry without assigning a reason.

Entry Requirements

In order to participate in OpenRoads Rally Desert Edition 2023, you must hold a current motorcycle licence and you must provide proof of current ambulance cover.

Only one vehicle is permitted to enter under each rider’s name

All vehicles entered into the Event must be registered and in roadworthy condition. 

OpenRoads Rally reserves the right to refuse entry to participants who do not comply with state registration and roadworthy requirements. It is your responsibility to prove that your motorcycle is registered and safe to ride. Without proof of registration you will not be able to ride using that vehicle. You will not get a refund of your entry costs.

Recreational registration is accepted at OpenRoads Rally Desert Edition 2023.

Some tracks may not be available. Please refer to our FAQ for more information. 

All activities are strictly 18+


In order to enter, the following documents are required:

  1. Registration form
  2. Proof of current ambulance cover
  3. Current motorcycle licence
  4. Self-scrutineering form
  5. Waiver form

Pillion, spectator, children and all other ticket types must complete the waiver form only.


All participants must register online before attending. Participants must produce their licence on the day at registration. 

Self Scrutiny

Each participant is required to complete their online self-scrutiny form by the close of entries on Thursday 5th October 2023. 

Incomplete or incorrect declarations may affect you starting the event. 

The motorcycle maintenance checklist is to be used as a resource by which to check and prepare your vehicle. 

Riders must wear appropriate protective gear such as helmet, boots, gloves and pants and between each four (4) riders in a group there must be a tool kit and tyre repair kit.


Personal accident insurance is the responsibility of the participant.

Current ambulance cover is compulsory for all riders and pillions.


A briefing will be conducted on Friday 6th October 2023 at Riverside Holiday Park VIC. It is recommended but not compulsory that you attend the briefing. The briefing contains important safety information and general information about how the event will be run.


In order to camp at the Event you must have a camping reservation. 

Camping reservations allow camping in the Event campsite only on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of October 2023.

Camping reservations are limited in availability. Camping reservations can be made at www.tickets.openroadsrally.com

Camping reservations do not grant access to the Event; a separate Event Ticket is required to enter the Event. 

Camping reservations are only valid with an event ticket.

Tents and camping equipment must only be set up in an approved camping area and you must follow the direction of event staff.

If you wish to camp with friends who also have camping reservations, it is recommended you arrive together and set up camp together. OpenRoads Rally cannot hold campsites for you.

You must follow the direction of Event staff regarding areas for parking of vehicles and setting up campsites.

You must not start your motorcycle at the campsite before 7:30am

There is strictly no riding in the campsite

Lost Property

Any items of lost property should be handed in to the staff at the Registration Tent ASAP.

OpenRoads Rally is not responsible or liable for any unattended, lost or stolen items. Patrons agree to enter the Event site at their own risk and shall be responsible for their own property and personal items.


Vehicles must be parked in approved areas and drivers must follow the direction of Event staff.

6. Running Details


The venue for the event will be Riverside Holiday Park. The event consists of multiple loops which start and finish at Riverside Holiday Park. All loops vary in length, more information will be confirmed closer to the event and will be listed on www.openroadsrally.com. Participants can ride multiple tracks during their opening hours. Checkpoints are visibly marked.

These courses cover various types of terrain such as sand, clay, river/creek crossing, stony sections and dirt. Some sections are steep and depending on weather there may be dust that impacts visibility. 

Tracks are graded according to their difficulty and length. Organisers will do their best to grade the routes accurately but ultimately it is the responsibility of the rider to assess and participate in tracks and activities that best fit their skill level.

All tracks are public roads and are open to the public during the event. All Victorian and Federal Road Regulations must be followed. Participants must keep left at all times and be cautious when doubling back and stopping. 

This Event is not a race.

Speed Limits

The maximum speed limit throughout all forests is 40km/h. In and around the start and finishing points the speed limit is walking pace (5km/h). The organisers may also declare reduced speed limits and/or “Quiet Zones” for some short segments of the loops/rides (e.g. for safety or environmental reasons.)

Event schedule

The Navigation Challenge starts at 9am on Saturday 6 October 2023 and finishes at 12pm Sunday 8 October 2023.

Passage Controls

Participants are required to sign in and out at the Start/Finish line. Failure to do so may result in a penalty. The only exception to this is if a participant is in the care of medical staff. 

Participants who wish to start a new track must return to the event site and sign in to the new track. 

The Start line will close at 12pm on Sunday 8 October 2023. Participants cannot start a new track after this time.

There are no safety checkpoints at OpenRoads Rally Desert Edition 2023.


Roadbooks will be distributed the week of the event. 


Fuel is available in Dimboola. Personal fuel may be kept on-site so long as it is in a suitable container and is not positioned close to fire or burners. No fuel is to be dropped in the forest.


Diversion signs may be placed to divert riders around closed or difficult sections of tracks. Riders should follow the instructions on the diversion signs to re-join the route.


The following handicaps apply at this event

2 wheel cap

Bonus points if you arrive on your motorcycle (no trailer or 4 wheel vehicle)

Interstate cap

Bonus points if you arrive on your motorcycle, from interstate

Pillion cap

Bonus points if you ride in our Navigation Challenge with a pillion

Spirit of OpenRoads

Bonus points if you help another person and are nominated



OpenRoads Rally will try to assist the recovery of broken or malfunctioning bikes, however for safety reasons it may not be possible while the loops are open for riding.

At no stage should any vehicle based ‘self-recovery’ action be taken without authorisation from Event organisers. Please wait for a sweep rider or an official for advice and assistance.

Please note that the Organisers are under no obligation to recover machinery that has failed to finish the Event. Whilst volunteers will endeavour to assist participants by recovering machinery, they are under no obligation nor have any responsibility to do so nor are they accountable for the safety/condition of said machinery. 


Participants who break down or need assistance on the tracks are to notify the recovery team on the SOS channel on Discord, or to notify an official sweep vehicle. 

Participants who are waiting for assistance must park their machines to the side of the track in a highly visible area (such as on a straight, flat part of the track).

Sweep Vehicles

Sweep vehicles will traverse the tracks during the Navigation Challenge. Sweep vehicles are identifiable by fluoro safety vests. The final sweep will leave half an hour after the tracks close. If a participant is found by a sweep rider after the tracks close they may be asked to return to the finish line in the most direct route.

7. Safety

Incident Reports

Incident Reports are to be completed on the prescribed form and handed to an OpenRoads Rally staff member. Photos of the incident must accompany the form. Participants are responsible for completing and submitting incident reports.


Riders are to make clear their intentions to overtake, by both sounding their horn and flashing headlights or indicating when approaching slower vehicles. 

Slow riders should try to give way when it is safe to do so. However, the overtaking rider bears full responsibility to overtake safely and must be aware that slower riders have the right to choose their own line.

Obey the laws & regulations on recreational vehicles. Observe restrictions on use of public land & do not go around locked gates.

Be considerate of other bush users. Keep to the left-hand side of any track, & give way to horse riders. Ride sensibly past general recreational areas such as camping & picnic spots.

Always carry a current driver’s licence, and do not ride in public areas with anyone who is unregistered or unlicensed.

Only ride during the hours allocated

Bring water, snacks, sunscreen and if cold, warm, dry clothes with you at all times while riding

Alcohol and Illicit substances

BYO alcohol is accepted at this event, except in cordoned off areas – as part of the Event’s liquor licensing regulations.

Alcohol will only be available to purchase at the Event for Patrons over 18 years old with valid photo ID.

Riding under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited

Excessive drinking and illegal drug use is prohibited at the Events. Patrons displaying signs of intoxication or antisocial behaviour will be ejected from the Event or be dealt with by police. Uniform and undercover police may be in attendance at the Event.

Possession, sale or use of illegal drugs or illicit substances is strictly prohibited at the Event. Any persons found with illegal drugs or illicit substances in their possession will be removed from the Event site and be subject to police action.

Medical Services

SecMedic will be in attendance from 8am-6pm Saturday 7 October 2023 and 9am – 2pm Sunday 8 October 2023.


No ‘informal riding’ in parts of Private properties or State Forest other than on the loops or gazetted roads is permitted. Participants are required to show courtesy and restraint including no wheel spin or deliberate environmental damage.

Respect the environment. Stick to formed tracks, avoid sensitive areas like wetlands and vegetated dunes. Treat native wildlife with respect.

Patrons agree to be respectful to the environment at the Event site, campgrounds and surrounds, and agree not to litter, to use public toilets (not bushlands or surrounding areas), not damage flora and fauna, and not interfere with local wildlife.

Patrons must not cause damage to, improperly use or tamper with any public facility or Event infrastructure or cause any damage to flora and fauna on or surrounding the Event venue and trails.

Keep the environment clean. Take out what you take in.

Patrons must not remove or attempt to remove any item or object from the Event venue, surrounding area or trails.

Patrons accept full liability and responsibility for any loss or damage caused in contravention of  these Supplementary Regulations

8. Awards


Participants can accrue points by participating in the activities mentioned in the table below. 

The total sum of a participant’s points equals the number of entries into the lucky prize draw. A winner is a ‘lucky’ contestant and there is no merit or skill related to the winner.


Different prize categories may have specific entry requirements and these requirements may be changed at any time.



Navigation Challenge

Barrel Race

Drag Race 

Slow Race


How points are calculated

Points are accrued by finding checkpoints. Checkpoints are marked and are worth varying levels of points.

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

Number of points

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

To be confirmed


Prize categories may vary and are subject to change.

OpenRoads Rally Champion

OpenRoads Rally Event Winner

Track prizes

Spirit of OpenRoads

Your points for all OpenRoads Rally events, Australia wide, added up. The more points you have the greater chance you have of winning. Minimum number of points required to enter. More details coming soon.

Your points for all activities at this Event are tallied up.The more points you have the greater chance you have of winning.

Your points for each route are tallied up. The more points you have, the greater the chance of you winning a prize.

If you help somebody during the event, and that person nominates you, you have a chance of winning a prize

Prize to be confirmed

Prize to be confirmed

Prize to be confirmed

Prize to be confirmed


Learner’s prize

Kid’s prize


Randomly drawn prize draw for learner riders participating in OpenRoads Rally

Random prize draw for riders under 15 years of age participating in OpenRoads Rally

Other prizes may be randomly distributed at the time of the Event

There is no learner prize at this event

There is no kid’s prize at this event

Other prizes to be confirmed



  1. The Pit Crew Pack provides customers with the following services during the Event:

    • Mechanical support: Our team will assist with changing tyres, adjusting suspension, cleaning air filters, and support for minor mechanical issues.
    • Fuelling & fluids: We offer fuel (if provided) and coolant filling, as well as fuel drop services if needed.
    • Refreshments: Stay hydrated and energised during the event with water, sports drinks, energy bars, and snacks.
    • Equipment: We provide tools, air compressors, high-pressure washers, and tyre changing tools to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition.
    • Informational support: Our team will offer guidance on rules, assist with loading and reading roadbooks, and provide any necessary information to enhance your experience.
    • Relaxation area: Take a break and recover in our designated relaxation area equipped with shade, comfortable seating, and refreshments.

  2. The Pit Crew Pack is available for purchase separately and is subject to availability. Customers are encouraged to secure their Pit Crew Pack early to ensure availability and avoid disappointment.

  3. The services included in the Pit Crew Pack are specifically designed to support and enhance the participant’s experience during the Event. These services are provided by trained professionals who are knowledgeable in their respective areas as well as volunteers. While all pit crew members strive to provide exceptional service, participants understand and acknowledge that the level of expertise may vary among the crew members.

  4. Customers who purchase the Pit Crew Pack are entitled to receive the services as outlined in the package during the Event. Any additional services not explicitly mentioned in the package may incur additional charges or may not be included.

  5. The Pit Crew Pack is non-transferable and can only be used by the customer who purchased it. It cannot be transferred or shared with other participants or individuals.

  6. The Pit Crew Pack does not cover the cost of any spare parts, consumables, or materials required for repairs or maintenance. These expenses will be the responsibility of the customer and must be paid separately.

  7. While our team strives to provide excellent service, the Pit Crew Pack does not guarantee the resolution of all mechanical issues or problems. We will make reasonable efforts to address and resolve any issues within our capabilities and expertise.

  8. The Pit Crew Pack does not cover any additional expenses incurred by the customer, such as travel, accommodation, or other related costs. These expenses are the sole responsibility of the customer and will not be reimbursed.

  9. Availability of the pit crew may vary depending on demand and the needs of other participants. While we strive to provide timely assistance, there may be instances where the pit crew is attending to other participants’ vehicles. Participants may need to wait until the pit crew becomes available to provide the requested services.

  10. OpenRoads Rally reserves the right to cancel and refund Pit Crew Packs if the minimum requirement of four crew members is not met. In such cases, participants will be notified as soon as possible, and a full refund will be issued.

  11. Pit Crew Pack are refundable within the specified time frame according to our normal terms and conditions (e.g., 60 days prior to the Event). After this period, Pit Crew Packs become non-refundable. However, participants may be eligible to transfer their Pit Crew Packs to another person by paying a name change fee as per our normal refund policy.